Appreciating the year that past and embracing the new…

Moving into this New Year, it’s nice to reflect on the year that passed and give yourself a pat on the back for all the things that you’ve accomplished. I spent a lot of the year working on my business—New Branding was a big project.

I’m very pleased with the new logo and all that goes with it… business cards, note cards, bags, display and many other things. Along with the new look, we’re growing my digital platform. So much of this is over my head, but we seem to be getting the hang of it. Check out the new changes, please visit our and follow us on Social Media on Facebook and  Instagram.

My favorite achievement of 2016 was the growth of my collections as I continued to perfect and refine them as the year went by.

My Essential Collection is still my most sought after due to its versatility and simplicity.  The Essential Chain and the Tassels necklaces continue to be classics. The Chain and Tassel earrings and Essential Bracelets are perfect additions. The look and feel of the sterling silver chain works well in any wardrobe giving texture, and yes, always that right amount of edge.

The stones and pearls I worked with this year were perfect for the Spring and Fall lines, adding color and an organic feel to the Collection. From the ever, classic Elite 54” necklaces to my new Light 54” necklaces and the always popular Bracelet/Extensions all using the amazing stones and pearls that are easy to stack and collect, creating a way to mix and match making the collection your own. We worked with some brilliant blues and greens for the Spring line and moved back into my favorite neutrals for the Fall such as Grey Quartz and natural color Keshi South Sea pearls, Black Spinel and Labradorite for a few.

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