Giving Back

Being a woman in business, I believe in philanthropy because giving back to my community and those who support me is extremely important to me. In Sun Valley, the opportunities to help one another are ubiquitous. For the past several years, I have been a donor to The Family of Woman Film Festival where I have met amazing women who tell their stories through film and events, which have enlightened and educated me. Bringing world issues to our little mountain town for us to know and understand is one of the many amazing parts to this week-long festival that I support.

The Family of Woman Film Festival is a place where like-minded women and men come together to make a difference at home and in the world. Whenever I design a new piece of jewelry or collection, I take great pride in knowing that what I do goes beyond my hands to support a better world to live in. As I think and prepare for the months to come, reflecting on the bigger picture and giving back, this event and others are a big inspiration for me. It’s a wonderful place to be when you can give back, and I’m grateful to be able to it.