Kary Kjesbo Designs presents seasonal collections, spring and fall, featuring her hand picked, limited editions of precious stones and South Sea and freshwater pearls.

The demand for Kary Kjesbo Designs derives from the versatility of all her jewelry in each, unique collection from her sought-after Essential Collection to her Signature Line that embodies sophistication with an edge.

Kary creates necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cuffs, and belts using silver chains, rich leathers and one of a kind antique found objects.

Each piece of Kary Kjesbo Designs has been uniquely designed to be versatile on its own as well as compatible with all the collections for an individual to create their own look and personal style...

Featured Pieces

  • Cream Akoya pearls with Olive quartz Bracelet

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  • Victorian Gold Fob Chain Necklace with Lockets and Tassel

    Victorian Gold Fob Chain Necklace with Lockets and Tassel (one of a kind)

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  • Antique Ethiopian Cross necklace with tassel

    Signature Antiques Ethiopian Cross Necklace

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  • Kary Kjesbo Designs Light Essential tassel necklace and antique thimble with tassel

    Signature (one of a kind!) Antique Thimble Tassel Necklace

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  • Kary Kjesbo Designs Tassel chain necklace w RFC pendant

    Tassel chain necklace with RFC pendant

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  • Kary Kjesbo Designs Bracelet Yemen Coral 10-12mm

    Coral, Ancient Yemen 10-12mm

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One of a Kind English Medal on Victorian Style long link chain.

Signature- Antique English Medal, Tipton Education Committee-Awarded for 5 yr. Attendance. The Tassel Necklace comes with two Italian ...
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