Kary's bracelets are designed to be worn alone or combined for a contemporary, yet sophisticated, look.

Kary Kjesbo Designs Cuff Styles

1920s French Cut Steel Shoe Clip Cuffs

Cut-Steel jewelry is a combination of history, beauty and a wonderful conversation starter. The jewelry is “set” with tiny faceted, polished steel studs. The technique originated in the 18th century during the Seven Years War when the French Monarchy began confiscating people’s precious jewels to fund the war. Cut-steel jewelry made a reappearance during the 1920s with the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements. Kary Kjesbo Designs French Cut Steel Shoe Clip Cuffs collection proves that cut-steel is still a stylish and sophisticated look for the modern woman with a node to times gone by.

WWII Wing Cuffs

The WWII Airmen Wing Collection is one of Kary’s favorite collections. The beauty of the wing designs from the different makers, and the stories behind the different wings, provide each piece with its own province and character.

Pilots, Navigators, Gunners, Techs (mechanics), to the mythical dolphins on the Submariners pins make for some of the most interesting ID Bracelets in the Wing Collection. Kary’s personal favorite is the WAC wing- Women’s Air Core Pilots. All of the pieces tell a story of the heroes, both men and women, that came before us.

Other Cuffs

  • Victorian and 1930s – 1940s Botanical Cuffs
  • Viking / Norwegian Cuffs
  • One of a Kind Found Object Cuffs

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