Kicking off summer in San Francisco

I could not be more excited that summer has finally begun after a very long winter in Sun Valley. I’m even more thrilled for my first big summer event in San Francisco at Ian Stallings Interior Design. There will be 22 exquisite pieces from my Signature Line showcased through July at Ian Stallings Interior Design. For all you San Francisco folk, come join me and bring and tell your friends to stop by Ian Stallings Interior Design for an opening reception on Thursday, June 15, from 6 to 9 p.m. Here’s a sample of what I’m featuring…

Kary Kjesbo Designs Signature Line is an ever-changing collection of antique and vintage found objects. Kary Kjesbo will design these interesting and often utilitarian objects into contemporary and versatile jewelry that can be worn in our everyday wardrobes.

Antique Match Safes have been a favorite collection of Kary’s for years. These amazing utilitarian objects were carried by men to keep their matches dry. Each box would contain stick matches with a striker on the bottom and were often ornately decorated.

Masonic Order English Medal- Justice, Truth and Philanthropy. This beautiful medal from the Queens Lodge was presented to Primo P. Cairns on Oct. 8th 1914. CP at the center may stand for Chevaliers of Pythias on the shield. Garland and a Crown surround the words Justice, Truth and Philanthropy.

It’s also a pleasure to be featured alongside BLECHMEKI and Mary Ann Lawson at Ian Stallings Interior Design, a beautiful location and environment no one should miss. It’s worthy of a trip! Hope to see you all at Ian Stallings Interior Design at 3848 24th Street on Thursday, June 15, in San Francisco. If not, stop by any time until the end of July and peruse my jewelry. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have questions or want to see other items, there’s always more! RSVP Here